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How We Serve You

Tax Services

Individual Income Tax Return filing & Tax Planning

Unlimited Amendments of Past Years' Returns...we make sure that your past tax returns were done accurately!

Apply for ITIN (Individual Tax Indentification Number)

Tax Extension Filing

Business Tax Return Filing & Tax Planning, Quarterly Filings, Unemployment Insurance Payments & more...

Assistance with Immigration Documents

Guaranteed Maximum Tax Credits!

File Now, Pay Later!

Refund Options

Direct Deposit: E-file your return with a direct deposit to your bank account.

Visa Credit Cards: TaxGuru will provide you with a Visa Credit Card and apply your refund amount.

Bank Check: TaxGuru will provide you with a Bank Check at our office location.

Same Day Refunds
We offer cost effective, expert tax preparation services with an eye for EACH and EVERY detail!
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